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Catching the Magic: An Interview with Zach Brigham, Austin's Top Wedding Photographer

It's not every day we get to pick the brain of a renowned wedding photographer, Zach Brigham, who brought the beautiful engagement shoot of Abigail and Jade to life at our stunning Wedding Venue in Dripping Springs, Texas. From his approach to capturing those unforgettable moments to his experience in the industry, let's delve into Zach's world of wedding photography.

Couple standing in a field with the girls arm wrapped around his arm

Q: Tell us a bit about your experience in wedding photography?

Zach: I've been in wedding photography for seven years and have had the privilege of shooting over 300 weddings. It's been an incredible journey, capturing the joy, love, and excitement of so many couples on their special day.

Q: How far in advance do couples need to book your services, and what is your booking and payment process?

Zach: The sooner, the better! Popular months like April and October tend to fill up quickly. To book, I send over an e-contract and require a 50% deposit. For information on rates, couples can visit my website at

Couple sitting in a stream outside of wedding venue

Q: What do you love most about photographing weddings?

Zach: I love photographing the married couple together right after the ceremony. That 'just married' energy is truly unmatched!

Q: Could you describe your photography style and your approach to capturing wedding moments?

Zach: My editing style is based in film. I adore classic film grading and have spent years perfecting my style. I work closely with couples, wedding parties, and families regarding posing and finding good light. However, the majority of the day is more of a documentary/candid portrayal of the wedding day.

Couple sitting outside at a small white table laughing

Q: How do you ensure that the couple feels comfortable and natural in front of the camera?

Zach: I talk to them the whole time and reassure them how well they're doing! I give them pointers on what to do with those hands and feet. :)

Q: Do you offer engagement sessions as part of your photography packages?

Zach: Yes, definitely! My sessions are typically an hour long, and I turn over 100+ finished photos. It's a great opportunity to alleviate any nerves about being photographed on the wedding day. I try to make these sessions as fun as possible and use them as a chance to get creative!

Q: How long does it take for couples to get their photos back after their wedding?

Zach: I aim to deliver the photos within 3-6 weeks.

girl laughing while being carried with a cowboy hat

Every smile, every shared whisper against the backdrop of Allegro's panoramic valley views, was a testament to their love story. Zach's knack for catching authentic emotions and candid moments turned their engagement shoot into a collection of heartfelt memories.

Stay tuned for more on Abigail and Jade's journey to their big day and the stunning photos that Zach Brigham will capture at our venue. It's going to be a spectacular celebration you won't want to miss! We can't wait to host their special day!

For more information on Zach, check out his website, find him on Instagram @zachbrighamdelude, or email him at

Venue: Allegro Wedding & Events

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